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Are you worried about your daughter starting high school?​

Do you want to give her tools that will help her become more confident and resilient when things are tough?

A Girl's Guide To Starting High School will help: 

  • her be confident in her approach to the change of school environment and ​meeting new friends

  • with understanding who she is by learning about her strengths and what is important to her

  • understand how to look after herself in order to be able to give herself the best start to this part of her life

  • with advice from other girls who have walked in her shoes

This is the start of some big growth and change, it will feel uncomfortable and the message is: it's OK to feel like this as long as you have a few tools and techniques to help them on their way.

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"Our daughter and eldest child started high school this year and Chloe’s book has been a wonderful source of support and information for us as we navigate the ‘ins and outs’ and ‘ups and downs’!  It is a safe space for Eva and somewhere she can go for reassurance without judgement" Alison, Newcastle

" It is a lovely clear and warm read with guidance to help girls navigate the uncertainty stepping into high school. Really like the handouts to help build awareness, and moments to take take stock of change, and see adversity as growth." Matthew Stanton Clinical Psychologist at LifeMatters Psychologists

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Here you can access resources to support your daughter in the transition to high school

About Chloe

My vision is to empower girls to be more confident in their start to high school so that they have a solid foundation for not only this part of their childhood but for the rest of their lives.

During my research for the book, I discovered that confidence drops by 30% between the ages of 8 and 12. Specifically that going to high school was the hardest hit on confidence and that girls mental health was being significantly impacted.

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Here you can find out about my workshops for Year 6 & Year 7 girls

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