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I facilitate workshops designed to assist Year 6 girls, and girls who have just started Year 7, to get into the mindset for growth and change as they navigate the start of high school.  It is an introduction to why it is important to:

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  • Look after themselves when starting a new adventure;

  • Understand what their character strengths are and what they need to know to help guide them in making decisions;

  • Understand why everyone approaches situations in different ways

  • Know what confidence and resilience are, and what it takes to build these skills; and

  • Set themselves up for success in preparation for increased focus on homework, summative tasks / assessments

By attending each girl will receive the book – A Girl’s Guide To Starting High School (valued at $19.95)

This is a fantastic book that mixes approachable wisdom with thoughtful activities that lets girls take control of handling the many challenges of high school. Beautifully designed and laid out, it is user friendly and strikes the right tone for this age group, never patronising but presenting complex issues in a clear manner. Absolutely recommend. Emma, English & Drama High School Teacher

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