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A Girl’s Guide to Starting High School is a girl's silent friend to get in the mindset, build confidence and resilience for a new stage in school life. It is a tool to help with change.

Written for girls in their last year of primary school (ages 10 - 12-year-old) this book is an essential tool to empower them to have the awareness and skills to be as confident as possible in starting this new adventure. In this interactive book girls can discover more about:

  • Getting to know themselves through identifying their character strengths and their values (what's important to them).
  • How to navigate tricky friendship situations.
  • Tools on building confidence and resilience.
  • Getting in a learning mindset for studying and exams.
  • Looking after themselves with information on food choices, exercise, screen time, social media and sleep.
  • How and when to ask for help
  • Reflections and advice from older girls through letters to their younger selves


These girls are going from big fish in a small pond to tiny fish in a very large lake so the more knowledge they have to support themselves the more mentally healthy they will be!


This order includes 10 books. Please contact Chloe if you require more. 


20% from the sale of this book goes to One Girl charity: More Info

10+ Copies A Girl's Guide to Starting High School

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